August 16, 2022
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About Us

Elev8 At Home was started to educate people about the healthier ways to consume cannabis.  Back in 2004, Steve Kelnhofer started a company, 7th Floor Vapes, producing the legendary Silver Surfer Vaporizer.  Over the years, his passion for glass blowing grew as he started lampworking, creating functional art.
As the industry grew, miseducation started to run rampant everywhere, so we decided the best way to educate people and to get them the right information was with ELEV8.  ELEV8 is a way of life. It is a higher state of mind while striving to be happy inside and out.   Elev8 At Home is the perfect way to deliver this education, in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
Elev8 At Home’s mission is to educate people to the alternative lifestyle that many people call cannabis.  With the education from Elev8 At Home, you can be assured you will know more than you did before this one of a kind experience.
Join the ELEV8 Life and stay ELEV8D!


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